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PADI Courses Available in Cancun

Thinking of trying scuba diving or getting certified? Or maybe you already are a certified diver and would like to learn more in an advanced course or specialty course.

We offer a full range of PADI Courses for all levels while providing flexible and personal service to you. Take advantage of your opportunity and learn to dive on the second largest reef system in the world. Book your adventure today!

Padi Scuba Diving Courses

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Discover Scuba Diving Cancun

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course is a great option for anyone who would like to try scuba diving, but is not sure about it, or doesn't have the time on their vacation. This course consists of a two training session consisting of academics, confined water training, and a One Tank Dive out on the coral reef.

You'll experience the thrill and exhilaration of breathing underwater and interacting with amazing marine life all while floating weightlessly through a tropical coral reef in crystal clear waters under supervision of a PADI instructor. Reserve Your Adventure Today!

Padi Discover  Scuba Diving Course

12:00pm Daily

The Course begins at 12:00pm and will consist of of your class time, pool practice, and a 1Tank Dive out at the reefs. The boat departs at 2:15pm and will return at approximately 5:00pm.

On Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday the dive is done at the MUSA Underwater Museum Site.

Price: $90.00usd

Deposit $25%

Padi Discover Scuba Diving for Beginners

PADI Scuba Diver Course - 2 Days

The PADI Scuba Diver Certification is a great course and great option for two situations. First, would be for anyone wanting to get certified, but has limited time. This can be upgraded later on. Second, is for anyone who really only plans to dive on vacations and on shallow tropical reefs.

This course consists of about half the Open Water Course and requires you to dive under supervision and no deeper than 40ft. Book Today!

Padi Scuba Diver Course

Available Daily

This course takes 2 Days, includes 2 Dives, and will basically run 9:00am to 5:00pm

Price: $305.00usd

Deposit $25%

Padi Scuba Diver Course for Beginners

PADI Open Water Scuba Course - 3 Days

The PADI Open Water Certification is the worlds most popular Diving Certification and will be recognized and respected in any destination you may travel to.

You'll have academic sessions along with confined water training followed by four open water dives on the coral reef to complete this course. This course is done in small groups as well, if not private. When done like this, not only does it give you the personal attention, but the best thing it gives you is all the extra time on the dives. It takes a lot less time to do the skills needed on each dive with a few people compared to ten or so in other typical courses.

Padi Open Water Certification Course

Available Daily

This course takes 3 Days and includes 4 Dives. Dives are done on our local reefs and the MUSA underwater Museum site, 

Price: $440.00usd

Online Price: $415.00usd

Deposit $25%

Padi Open Water Scuba Course

PADI Advanced Open Water Course

The PADI Advanced Open Water Certification - 2 to 3 Days - 5 Dives

The Padi Advanced Course is available to Open Water Certified Divers. This course is great if you would like to increase your dive experience and skills. There are no classes involved, there is minimal reading, and the rest is all diving. Learn to do night dives, deep diving, navigation dives, and several other options.

Padi Advanced Course

Available Daily

This course takes 2 to 3 days Days and includes 5 Dives. Required dives are the Deep Dive and the Navigation Dive. You then choose three more elective dives like Night Dives, Underwater Naturalist, Boat Diver, and more.

Price: $365.00usd

Deposit $25%

Padi Advanced Certification Course

PADI Open Water Referral - 4 Dives

The PADI Open Water Referral - Do you need to complete the dive portion of your certification course? Cancun is great place to complete your training. You'll do four open water dives in two days. That's it! Small groups and daily departures.

Open Water Referral

Available Daily

This course takes 2 Days and includes 4 Dives. Dives are done on our local reefs and the MUSA underwater Museum site, 

Price: $225.00usd

Deposit $25%

Padi Open Water Referral Course

PADI Open Water Referral - 2 Dives

This 2 Dive option is available for divers who have already completed their classes, their pool training, and have completed the first two dives of the Open Water Course.

Padi Open Water Referral

Available Daily

This course takes 1 Day and includes 2 Dives. Dives are done on our local reefs and the MUSA underwater Museum site, 

Price: $140.00usd

Deposit $25%

Open Water Referral Course

PADI Rescue Diver Course

PADI Rescue Course

Available Daily

This course takes 2 to 3 Days and is mostly on shore and consists of learning a wide variety of rescue techniques.

Price: $375.00usd

Deposit $25%

Padi Rescue Diver Course

PADI Refresher Course

Refresher Course

Available Daily 12:00pm

The refresher Course is available to certified divers who have not been diving in a while or feel they need some practice time before they dive again.

You will have some time to practice in the pool followed by a shallow dive at one of our local reefs or at the MUSA underwater Museum.

Price: $65.00usd

Deposit $25%

Padi REfresher Course
Padi Scuba Diving in Cancun
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